Genetic Testing


GuidePoint Pharmacy in Brainerd is excited to announce the future of pharmacy services is here today. Would you like to know if a medication may not work for you, or that you are at risk for experiencing adverse effects before you even take your first dose? Pharmacogenetic testing can do that for you. Pharmacogenetic testing at GuidePoint Pharmacy covers over 200 prescription and non-prescription medications.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is a type of genetic test that is used to help predict a patient’s likelihood to experience an adverse event (side-effect) or not respond to a given drug. Pharmacogenetic testing is often considered as being a preventative clinical test with little risks. Some of the more common medications that are affected by genetic variations in patients include clopidogrel (Plavix®), fluoxetine (Prozac®), metoprolol, warfarin (Coumadin®), and simvastatin.

In certain circumstances, pharmacogenetic testing may be covered by your insurance. In other cases, where it is not covered, the testing is FSA/HSA eligible. Contact the Brainerd location to answer any of your questions or to get more information.