Diabetic Education Services + Supplies

Interested in transferring your prescriptions to a local pharmacy? Our pharmacy is located in Breezy Point, MN and is a premier center of health for all. We take pride in our community and want to make sure your health is proactively looked after.

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Diabetes Education

GuidePoint Pharmacy’s accredited diabetes education program, called GuidePoint Diabetes Services, offers diabetes education classes in group sessions and one-on-one consultations.

Available at the Brainerd and Crosby pharmacies, GuidePoint Diabetes Services educators include two specially trained pharmacists. Educators are certified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators to assist diabetes sufferers with understanding glucose testing meters and supplies, making diet adjustments and living healthy lifestyles.

Diabetic Shoes

The GuidePoint Pharmacies in Brainerd, Crosby, Rochester and Redwood Falls carry a variety of Dr. Comfort brand diabetic shoes that are specifically designed for people with diabetes. The shoes contain a larger “toe box” for added comfort and smooth seams on the inside to prevent rubbing and irritation.

The GuidePoint staff can take molds of your feet, creating customized foam inserts to help relieve pressure points and prevent ulcer formation and nerve damage, common concerns for a diabetic’s feet.

Best of all, diabetic shoes are a Medicare-eligible benefit, meaning there may be no out of pocket costs for you. Allow us to contact your doctor to see if you meet the Medicare guidelines for coverage and we’ll find shoes that fit your budget as well as your style.

Call GuidePoint Pharmacy in Brainerd at (218) 829-0347 to learn more about the next diabetes education group session or to schedule a personal consultation.